Tools for this site are based on Active Server Pages
Photo Galleries

The Photo Galleries use the online ASP album tool aspWebAlbum 3.0. The images are loaded up to the server via ftp and the software is used online to produce captions, directories/subdirectories, etc.


The floating menu system on the technical information page is the "Ultimate Dropdown Menu" v3.0.2 Brothercake software.

Other Useful ASP Menus

WebMenu for ASP and PanelBar for ASP, both from Coalesys, Inc.


The ASP search on technical info page is a generic ASP3 text search based on one posted at by Robert Volz. See also A Text-Based Search Engine and Searching Through the Text of Each File on a WebSite at and A simple recursive search and replace using FSO by Ryan Trudelle-Schwarz at Man in the Maze ASP Resources.

CGI Search

WebSearch 1.11: Websearch (current version 2.10) is a Perl script which gives you control of which files and directories to search, and good user options. Script has been modified so one can search for either information, or photos. When looking for photos, you get a thumbnail preview, plus a link which will display the photo and a description.

General DHTML Resources

Dynamic Drive Dynamic Drive

CodeKit CodeKit

DHTML Central DHTML Central


Visitor counter on main page is in-house ASP script with art from

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