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Photography Equipment/Labs This site's informal list.


Photo Secrets Publishers of travel guides for travel photography. Go to the Bookstore for great references on selling your work and publishing newsletters and books. Be sure to visit the links page for tons of information on travel/nature photography, photo workshops, stock agencies, photo tips, stores, manufacturers, magazines and clubs.

Online directory of resources for general photography. Includes photographer websites and workshops/tours.

Apogee Photo Apogee Photo is an online magazine, with an informative monthly newsletter. Very useful resource, highly recommended.

Photograph America Newsletter A 12 page travel newsletter, published bi-monthly, which spotlights the best sites for wildlife and landscape photography. Information on everything from hidden waterfalls to wildlife migrations.

Photo Traveler A bimonthly PhotoTraveler newsletter and also PhotoTraveler Guides for the photographer covering some of the best outdoor sites in North America.

Shutterbug Online version of the popular general photography magazine.

National Park Service Follow the "Visit Your Parks" link, and find maps, how to make reservations, info on Wild and Scenic Rivers, etc.

Sunrise/Sunset Times Find out about sunrise/sunset times by city, longitude/latitude, etc.

Photo News Network Subscribe to e-mail discussion lists dealing with subjects like digital photography, stock photography etc.

Nature Photographer Magazine A quarterly how-to magazine with high quality photos and useful instructional information. For $75 a year, you can sign on as a "field contributor", and be recognized as such when you submit articles and photos for publication.

Outdoor Photographer Magazine Many links to photo equipment manufacturers and to related Web sites.

PCPhoto Magazine Another site for learning about new technology, especially digital photography.

Ace Camera Web Services Photo Resources ("All Camera Equipment"), plus a listing of various online photo magazines.

Kodak Kodak Guide to taking better pictures.


Online Photography Workshops Learn photographic techniques on this virtual campus.

ShawGuides' Photography Workshops A very extensive list. ShawGuides is a publisher of comprehensive worldwide guides to educational travel.

Apogee Photo Workshops & Tours Apogee Photo is an online magazine, with an informative monthly newsletter.

The Nature Workshops The Nature Workshops, with Lonnie Brock and Roger Devore. Useful workshops and a website "devoted to serving the nature photography enthusiast".

Photograph America Workshops A listing of workshops on the Photograph America Newsletter site.

Travel Images Photo Tours Travel Images Photo Tours. This company is run by British native John Baker (operating out of Idaho). He offers an outstanding collection of nature tours in North America. Also, there are numerous photo trips to Europe, especially Ireland and England. Lots of photos on the website.

Nature Tours & Workshops This site's informal list.


Nature Photographers Network ( Online magazine featuring great informative columns. Check out the personal galleries.

Nature Photos Online, Run by Ken Jacobsen and based in Michigan, this is a premier online photo gallery of professional and fine art nature photographers. A comprehensive set of galleries, well worth the visit., Fine art photo directory (listing of websites of member photographers

Nature Photo Index, Online photo database.

Profotos Online galleries for PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS ONLY. Also,listings of general photographers, who are not members can be amateurs.

The Web's Top Photography Pages Some of the better and more well known photographers are here. Some of the links feature sample images. Well worth the visit.

Colorado Plateau Nature Photo Galleries A really unique idea, these galleries are sponsored by non-profit Clean Canyons & Forests Inc., and consist of publicly submitted photos that the sponsors deem worthy. Covers the entire Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico area. A unique resource, is by invitation only, currently showcasing 235 different photographers. Apparently, you cannot submit your web site to them, they search the net for the best photography sites they can find. Many of the more famous photographers are included here (Marc & David Muench, Galen Rowell, John Netherton,Jim Brandenburg, Another invitation only gallery of photographers. Associated with Nature Photographer Magazine.

Photographers: Reciprocal Links

Please visit some of these photo link partners
  • former chemist/physicist whose website is a treasure trove of photo information, especially for Canon EOS and digital.
  • Ryan Desjardin Photography from the Pacific Northwest and a great links page.
  • Wilfred Sessoms (First Choice Images) A member of NANPA and PPA, Sessoms has had a lifetime interest in photography. The work which he displays and sells on his website includes nature, wildlife, landscape, cityscapes, abstracts and black and white.
  • Natural Expressions Photography by Gary Pregont. An Illinois photographer of over 25 years, Gary has amassed a massive number of wildlife and landscape images from around the world, available as fine art prints. He is also a website designer. You can link to his website design service at the parent URL
  • Photovision Studios photography website including wildlife photography and consumer friendly digital camera resources and much more...
  • Ed Riche Photography Idaho based pro photographer offering fine art nature photography and custom workshops (one to several days) at a variety of locations across the western US.
  • Ken Ringer Photography Utah based pro photographer offers fine art nature and wildlife photography and stock images.
  • Mark J. Swiecki's Photography A resident of Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada, Mark features an eclectic collection of images on his website. Subjects range from landscapes to people, patterns to still life, flowers etc.
  • Frank Zipperer Photography-Nature and Fine Art Photography Professional freelance photographer with galleries, limited edition prints and a large number of links to photographic sites.

Favorite Photographers

  • Lucid Images Jan Allinder (wildlife,nature) Based in Mississippi, Jan is not only an accomplished nature photographer, but a website designer.

  • Steve Bloom (wildlife) One of the world's best wildlife photographers, fine art prints and stock.

  • Jim Brandenburg(wildlife,digital FX) From his "Northwoods" home in Ely, Minn. Jim has been one of America's best wildlife photographers.

  • Danny Burk(landscape) At last, another Midwesterner! Danny has some lovely medium/large format images from Michigan, Indiana and other locations around the country, including some nice panorama format shots.

  • Charles Campbell (wildlife,nature) A first rate photographer offering limited edition fine art prints; educational website.

  • Daniel J. Cox Dan Cox (wildlife) Dan is one of the most outstanding wildlife photographers in the world. His limited edition prints are a must see, even if you only see them on his website (, which is great.

  • Gary Crabbe(landscape) Gary's images are available as stock as well as fine art prints. Some wonderful scenic landscapes, plus agriculture, people and more.

  • Eric Dresser (wildlife,nature) A New York state based nature photographer (North Bay Nature Photography). Galleries are comprehensively indexed and meticulously documented.

  • Anthony Dunn(landscape) California based Dunn has compiled an impressive set of lovely landscapes from across the state, including pastoral scenes, fall color and more.

  • Jack Dykinga Jack Dykinga (landscapes,nature) One of the true masters.

  • Patrick Endres(Alaska Photographics)(landscapes,nature) In the last 20 years Patrick has amassed one of the largest collections of Alaskan images I have yet seen. The Aurora Borealis images are particularly striking, but there is a little bit of everything on this website.

  • Dennis Frates(nature,scenic) Dennis is a self-taught nature photographer who's goal is to "wow" his audience. Many of the images on his website do just that.

  • Adam Gibbs (wildlife,nature) Photography of Canada and the Pacific Northwest, including glorious landscapes and some astonishing winter scenes.

  • Graf Photo Mark and Lisa Graf (wildlife,nature) Some outstanding underwater images, as well as wildlife (including insects, flora,landscape).

  • Tom Grubbe(landscape) For some truly astonishing Pacific coast seascapes, check out Tom's site.

  • Gloria Hopkins (wildlife,nature) An artist as well as photographer, Florida based Hopkins has authored a number of technical articles. Very useful site for women.

  • Ken Hornbrook (nature,landscape) "Inspirational Images", featuring fine art nature and landscape photography, from across North America.

  • Theresa A. Husarik (Utah,nature) Utah based Husarik has a lot of educational/reference material on her website.

  • Bob Johnson (Earthbound Light)(landscape,nature) Based in the northwest (Seattle), Bob has some good images and an attractive website. The Links page is also very comprehensive.

  • David W. Kelley(nature) Based in Indiana, David has some astonishing images (landscape, wildlife, flowers etc.) in his online galleries. The colors are brilliant.

  • Frans Lanting (wildlife) Franz Lanting is one of the world's pre-eminent wildlife and nature photographers.

  • George Lepp George Lepp (wildlife,nature) Probably the most accessible of the famous nature photographers. If you can't learn something from George Lepp, check your pulse.

  • Tom Mangelsen Thomas Mangelsen (wildlife)

  • BirdsAsArt (birds) Art Morris is perhaps Americas foremost bird photographer.

  • Muench Photo David/Marc Muench(landscape) Legends of landscape photography.

  • Robert Peltz (wildlife,nature) Based in Rogers City Michigan, Bob has some nice whitetail deer and bluebird shots, among others.

  • Moose Peterson Moose Peterson (wildlife) A Nikon icon.

  • Michael Reichmann (general) The place to go to learn about landscape and nature photography, including digital. A treasure-trove of photography technical information.

  • Galen Rowell (adventure) Site still exists despite the recent deaths of Galen and Barbara.

  • Tony Sweet (fine art nature) Tony is one of the masters of abstract, fine art nature photography. Also, he is East Coast based so many of his compositions feature fresh subject material. A must see site (check out the portfolios).

  • Guy Tal (nature) Utah based, Guy has captured many astonishing western landscapes, including those on his website. He goes to the trouble to search out fresh subject material, including many out of the way locations no one else ever finds. A must see.

  • Sunny Walter's Photographer Links(wildlife,scenic,underwater,travel) An independent compilation of over 220 photographers on the Web. Also photo contests, plus links to environmental photography projects.

  • Tom Till (nature) A premiere landscape photographer of the southwest. His shop in Moab, Utah is a must see.

  • Gary D. Tonhouse (nature,wildlife) A midwestern specialist. Check out the photo/graphic links.

  • Norbert Veit (nature) Captured Reflections, a beautiful and novel web site (the photographer is also a web site designer). It features a USA map where you can click to see pictures from that state! True to its name, there are some nice reflection shots.

  • Darwin Wiggett (landscape) Magnificent Canadian landscapes from this master of photography, editor of Canada's Photo Life Magazine.

  • Jeremy Woodhouse(nature,travel) A colossal collection of striking (though occasionally repetitive) images from this internationally renowned photographer. If you saw "Lightning Over 12 Apostles" (2002 Nature's Best Grand Prize Winner) or "Black Rock Desert Geysers" (2000 BBC/British Petroleum Wildlife Photographer of the Year Grand Prize Winner in the "Wild Places" category), you can imagine the kind of gems hidden in this collection.

  • Art Wolfe Art Wolfe (nature,wildlife) My favorite photographer. Massively published.

  • Jim Zuckerman (nature,travel,digital FX) Capturing every aspect of nature and culture in every corner of the globe, Jim Zuckerman has perhaps the best photo galleries I have ever seen. Absolutely spectacular, a must see. You can learn a lot about creative composition and lighting.

  • NANPA If you are a serious nature photographer, you should consider joining the NANPA, the North American Nature Photography Association. General member dues are $75, and there are many contacts and member services available through membership. Address: North American Nature Photography Association, 10200 West 44th Avenue Suite 304, Wheat Ridge CO 80033-2840. Phone: (303) 422-8527.