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ScreenSaver Wallpaper

Display Properties

To use the wallpaper features of your screen saver, go to the Display Properties dialog in Windows (right click on desktop, select "Properties"; or go to Control Panel and select "Display"). You will see a dialog similar to the one on the left.
Select your screensaver, then click the "Settings" button just to the right in the center of the dialog (NOT the "Settings" tab on top).
You will then see a dialog similar to the one below.

To apply an image as the background image on your desktop, select an icon and then press the "Apply to Desktop" button (JUST PRESSING "OK" WILL NOT WORK). The "Position" may be set to "Center", "Tile" or "Stretch" (i.e. fit to screen). The images were sampled at 800 X 600 pixel resolution.

The image you selected then becomes the background image on the desktop. But wait, it get's better!

If you go back to the "Display Properties" dialog (above) and select the "Desktop" tab, you will find the image you selected included in the list of wallpapers. It has actually been stored on your computer, usually in the C:\Windows or similar directory. You are free to use these images for your own amusement, but are PROHIBITED from using them for ANY COMMERCIAL use. You also may not share these images with anyone else, as they are copyrighted.

ScreenSaver Settings

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