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ScreenSaver Controller

Screen Saver Controller Icon The Screen Saver Controller icon resides in the system tray on the bottom right side of your Windows taskbar. Right clicking on the icon bring up the following menu.
The Screen Saver Controller menu provides a great deal of control over which screen saver plays at any given time.

You have control over ALL OF THE SCREEN SAVERS on your computer, not just the ones from Blue Loon!

For example, you can start a specific screen saver, randomize the play of the screen savers, or configure individual screen savers. Set a screen saver as the default or disable a screen saver.
Screen Saver Controller Menu
Screen Saver Options Menu

You also get a lot of control over the way the screensaver displays. Change the delay between images, or change from sequential to random order.

Most significantly, you can scale the images to the size of your screen, or choose a fixed size. You can also sharpen the images, or RESAMPLE them (resampling preserves sharpness when pictures are resized). Choose background colors, or where the image is placed on screen.

For screensavers with musical accompaniment, you also have options. Finally, if you click the "Transitions" tab, you can change the ways the screensaver transitions from one image to the next.

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