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Download Managers

     If you have a slow connection (i.e. a modem) connection to the Internet, you really should get a Download Manager to help you when downloading those 10 MB Screen Saver or image files. What does a download manager do?
     1. It allows you to resume a download if it is interrupted; some even allow you to pause a download.
     2. It speeds up your download by separating your download into separate chunks and downloading each simultaneously, thereby utilizing the maximum bandwidth available to you.
     2. It allows you to customize your downloads, including such functions as scheduling your downloads to execute automatically at off-peak hours.
     Here we list the most popular download managers currently available. Hopefully one of these will be helpful to you.
GetRight is the top rated and most popular choice.
Internet Download Manager 3.15 Another good choice, with no annoying advertising to deal with.
Fresh Download 5.0 Also getting good ratings in mid 2003
netAnts 1.25 Has been around a long time, but still good.
Download Wonder A newcomer, give them a try.


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