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Meet the Photographer
Walt Fechner

   Based in Ann Arbor Michigan, Walt has been an amateur nature photographer since 1994. Walt's work has appeared in a variety of publications across North America. Environment Canada uses Walt's images in educational environmental publications. He occationally exhibits prints at local venues in the Ann Arbor area. He also is webmaster for OPAM, the Outdoor Photography Association of Michigan, a group of southeast Michigan outdoor photography enthusiasts who meet monthly. Walt is an active member of NANPA, the North American Nature Photography Association. Some of Walt's images are on the rotating member gallery on the NANPA website (, and also in NANPA's Impressions publication of images selected by contest. Walt's images are available for sale and download from this website, in the form of prints, digital web images and screensavers.

   Mission Statement: I try to get a painterly quality in my work, subjects that can be quite simple but never ordinary, whether found in a park near my home or halfway around the world. Due to this predeliction, I feature bold colors in my images where appropriate, and this is apparent from the pictures in my online gallery. People often ask whether the colors in my images are "real". The images are all accurate reflections of the locations they depict, albeit mostly under ideal conditions and until recently, using Kodak E100VS and Fuji Velvia films. I now photograph digitally using Canon EOS digital SLRs. The website images generally convey the same impression as the inkjet prints would show. Hopefully, the image galleries provide respite for people surfing the Internet in search of interesting visual depictions of nature.

   I do not provide any anecdotal or contextual information about the images on this website, such as how I encountered the subject or details about camera settings in capturing the image. Each individual has his/her own perception of beauty, and these images represent my view. They are by no means "stock" photographs, and I do not do stock photography. A photographer's eye for beauty is his most important asset. I often don't know how to explain the appeal (or lack thereof) of my images, I simply offer to share them.

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